First things first, there's a few things you'll need to help you start your career in coding. We're going to start off with making a simple website. This can be done with a simple text editor like "Notepad" (PC) or "TextEdit" (Mac) and any browser, such as "Internet Explorer", however, we can make our lives easier for oursevelves with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Install a HTML editor

Rather than using a very basic text editor, there are many editors out there that can make you experience easier. We would recommend Notepad++. It is very beginner-friendly and lightweight, a perfect fit for any aspiring coder!

Step 2: Get a modern browser

When it comes to developing websites, there are only 2 browsers that can compete for your top pick: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both of these browsers are the forerunners in speed, usability and features, especially for web developers. They are widly considered the best for making websites.

Now you're good to go! Let's start coding!